Waterproof polyester fabrics

Polyester fabrics are excellent fabrics for children’s articles, used for the production of prams, umbrellas and accessories for prams, swings, as well as garden cushions, pet beds, women’s bags, sports bags, backpacks, bicycle accessories, waterproof covers, etc.

The “Ultex-Pol” wholesale store offers a wide selection of waterproof polyester fabrics in various colors, both toned down and vivid, contrasting. We offer typical children’s designs, such as animals, butterflies, fish, but also more universal types: belts, dots, hearts, zebra, leopard, flowers, feathers, etc.

Available in our offer fabrics are made of 100% polyester, have a width of 160 cm and a weight of 180-210g / m2, they can be washed at temperatures up to 30 ° C. These are durable and durable fabric carts from which you can create unique and unique products for children, characterized by durability and water resistance as well as attractive appearance.

Original designs referring to current trends, an interesting range of colors, professional finish and a wealth of applications include features of our polyester fabrics. We also encourage you to familiarize with the offer of cotton fabrics.