Fabrics for printing
The “Ultex-Pol” wholesale store offers high-quality fabrics for printing, in a variety of colors. Offered fabrics are an ideal medium for rotational and flat printing, constituting an excellent base for creating unique products for children and not only. We provide our clients with the possibility to design patterns for individual requirements.

A characteristic feature of the fabrics in the assortment of the “Ultex-Pol” wholesaler is its aesthetics and durability. Fabrics intended for printing, just like printed ones, retain excellent strength parameters and can be successfully used for sewing trolleys and various types of children’s accessories.

Our materials have been manufactured in Poland, they have international certificates and are compliant with standards for products intended for children. They present the highest world quality, confirmed by international certificates.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of fabrics for printing, as well as waterproof fabrics and the entire assortment, we are convinced that it will meet your expectations!